Nidco specializes in emergency overhaul, repair and maintenance of heavy rotating equipment in all sectors of the industry based on our customers' needs and according to their requirements. Emergency repairs may be made at our convenient Ramla facility or on-site.

Sometimes, despite adhering to optimal maintenance procedures, heavy rotating equipment may also suddenly break, resulting in delays or even worse plant halt. Heavy rotating equipment often operates 24/7 and breakage is costly to the end user. Furthermore, equipment malfunction disable a whole production line and cause major revenue loss.

At Nidco we are able to organize and deploy professional maintenance teams at very short notice, anytime, everywhere – at our workshop, or on-site. Your dedicated team for the project will not rest until the issue is fully resolved and your machine or equipment is fully functioning.

Our teams are able to respond 24/7 at very short notice. In this time we will prepare the machine shop to be receive all equipment, tools dedicated supplies and consumables required for the job.