For almost 50 years Nidco has been developing prototypes of critical and complex parts in conjunction with the engineering departments of key clients in the hi-tech, energy, oil & gas and chemical industries.

There is always a large gap between a great idea and reality and the road between the two may be bumpy and entail changes, adjustments and limitations. A great idea is not worth much if you cannot turn it into a sustainable and profitable product.

Whether you are a tiny start-up, medium size engineering firm or a large government organization, in many cases you will not have the ability and tools to implement the ideas and inventions. Nidco can help your ideas and dreams become reality. Our production department, in cooperation with your engineering team will help you implement your ideas and your inventions, while implementing high quality, competitive production technologies so you can not only produce prototypes but reach mass production at maximum speed with maximum insights.

Nidco workshop boasts a sophisticated laboratory offering the most advanced reverse engineering services in Israel. All our wide range of metal working services are available and may be used for developing prototypes and reverse engineering including:

Machining, turning, boring and grinding for huge pieces – up to 50 tons

Ultra accurate drilling & boring

Extensive welding department capable of building complex steel, stainless steel and aluminum structures and frames

Flame and plasma cutting services

Stress relief in house enabling us to perform special welding protocols requiring time sensitive treatment.

Castings – according to client request

Since all the above metal working capabilities without needing to rely on external subcontractors creates significant savings in development costs and schedules.

All these capabilities also enable us to reverse engineer parts, pieces or whole mechanical mechanisms if an OEM part is not available at all or cannot be supplied in the required time frame. Nidco has many years of experience in reverse engineering large and complex machined parts including material analysis, ensuring that you will receive a new part identical, or sometimes even superior to an OEM part.

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