The team at Nidco is all about getting the job done and providing outstanding service to our clients. We do not give up under any circumstances in middle or fail to perform the job according to schedule, even if it requires working around the clock and recruiting experts and advisors.

David Nissan 

Where it all began...

Mr. David Nissan is a self-made, self-taught entrepreneur in his field. Anyone who knows him will testify that he is an exceptional professional who has contributed a lot of his skills and talent to the Israeli industry during the 70 years of Nidcos’ existence. The vision, talent and diligence of David are what created Nidco special DNA and reputation within the local industry. Although is going on 80 David is still active and vibrant and has the last say at the workshop.

Neev Nissan 

Neev Nissan Is a super energetic and driven individual. He is the engine that moves whatever needs to be moved. If you have an urgent job to perform or a broken turbine, gear or pump that needs emergency maintenance, Neev is your go to man. Neev holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University in the USA and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

More importantly, Neev has over 25 years of experience at Nidco, as Mechanical Engineer in the machine shop and in managing complex and critical projects for clients.

Assaf Reich 

Assaf Reich is Production Manager at Nidco. He is an Electronics Engineer by education who prefers massive sheets of metal and heavy machinery over silicone chips. He loves the technical challenges presented to him and the by each project him and the fabrication team every time and performs with passion.