Nidco is the Israeli market leader for heavy, custom machining and mechanical work and offers its clients creative, out-of-the-box solutions for any anticipated problem. We offer the full range of metalworking services in our workshop enabling us to perform high quality jobs on very tight schedules.

Nidco employs over 100 professional metal workers including machinists, welders, mechanics, painters, engineers, technicians and programmers, all of whom are highly skilled and have decades of experience in the field.

Our workshop is over 7000 sq/m, located in the center of Israel, 10 minutes away from Ben Gurion International Airport. We can perform jobs for parts of up to 50 tons and machine parts over 6 meters in diameter and 18 meters long.

We offer our services and solutions to the leading global OEM manufacturers and local heavy rotating equipment end-users and among our clients you will find all the top names in the industry.

Nidco's strength is its diversability and ability to provide the widest range of services available in the same workshop location enabling us to commit to the most stringent schedules, saving our clients time and money when performing maintenance on their equipment, be it scheduled or emergency.

Quality System

Nidco is ISO 9001:2008 certified and in addition is AS9100 certified. 

We strictly follow all QA best practices.

Clients may receive all relevant certification for materials and processes upon request.


Our service charter

Nidco specializes in custom, heavy machining and maintenance jobs for heavy rotating equipment both in-house and on-site.

We offer the full range of metal working & engineering services at our centrally located Ramlah facility, including machining, welding (MIG, TIG, submerged arc, brazing), flame & plasma cutting, special coatings and more.

Nidco specializes in providing its clients with 24/7 emergency maintenance services making sure they receive the top notch service they deserve.